Clear Creek Surgery Center's team consists of individuals working together to provide outstanding quality care to patients and their families.

The Surgery Center has a unique partnership between HealthONE Clear Creek Inc. and Surgical Physician Investors, LLC. Gen Smith, RN is the Center Administrator who works closely with Karin Bartlett, Business Office Manager and Kathy Krettenmaker, RN, Director of Nursing to provide a hands-on management team.

The Surgery Center also employs registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, surgical technicians, and business office personnel to handle all patient care and billing and collection components of the surgery center. Additionally, there is strong physician participation with the management team of the surgery center.

The surgery center has a dedicated Medical Director, Dan Bredar, MD who is the liaison between the surgery center and the medical staff. Physician representatives participate with the management and staff employees on the quality improvement committee and on the medical advisory committee. The Board of Managers is comprised of physicians and members from HealthONE. The Surgery Center also contracts with Physician Anesthesia Services to provide anesthesia services for all patients.

This collaborative team approach to management ensures there are constant checks and balances when it comes to providing quality care to patients.

Search for physicians listed under the specialties below:

Comprehensive Pain Specialists

Phone: (303) 469-3182

  • Dr. Daniel Drennan
  • Dr. Eric Mehlberg
  • Dr. Andrew Wendahl

Surgical Specialists of Colorado

Phone: (303) 940-8200


  • Dr. Krista Antenucci
  • Dr. Bryan Baer
  • Dr. Jennifer Bocker
  • Dr. Elizabeth Brew
  • Dr. Ashley Davis
  • Dr. Rebecca Knight
  • Dr. Robert Madayag
  • Dr. Vance Mitchell
  • Dr. Patrick Offner
  • Dr. Gregory Pinson
  • Dr. Edward Pulido
  • Dr. Matthew Reynolds
  • Dr. Eben Strobos
  • Dr. Bruce Waring
  • Dr. Rebecca Wiebe
  • Dr. Rebecca Vogel
  • Dr. Christopher Zaw-Mon

Mile High Otolaryngology

Phone: (303) 487-0834

  • Dr. Todd Beatty
  • Dr. Sarmad Sabour

Advantage E.N.T.

Phone: (303) 431-8881

  • Dr. David Hartemink
  • Dr. David Van Kooten
  • Dr. Justin Yan

Cornerstone Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PC

Phone: (303) 456-6000

  • Dr. David Bierbrauer
  • Dr. William Ciccone II
  • Dr. Joseph Hsin
  • Dr. Thomas Mann
  • Dr. Daniel Ocel

Colorado Hand and Arm, P.C.

Phone: (303) 421-1440

  • Dr. David Conyers

Cornerstone Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PC

Phone: (303) 456-6000

  • Dr. David Bierbrauer
  • Dr. Tracy Wolf

Dr. Antoni Allen

Phone: (303) 424-7572

Dr. Kent Bashford

Phone: (970) 221-2222

Dr. Thomas P. Campbell

Phone: (303) 424-7572

Lakewood Eye Clinic

Phone: (303) 237-5401

  • Dr. Douglas Campbell

Arvada Eye Associates

Phone: (303) 422-2305

  • Dr. Annie Chang

Fante Eye and Face Centre

Phone: (303) 839-1616

  • Dr. Robert Fante

Northwest Eye Center, P.C.

Phone: (303) 467-0500

  • Dr. Melinda O’Rourke
  • Dr. Nolan Hathaway

Dr. Lisa Wong

Phone: (303) 499-2020

Associates in Woman’s Health

Phone: (303) 940-1867

  • Dr. Sarah Ellis
  • Dr. Debra Ganter
  • Dr. Tracy Jones
  • Dr. Johanne Python
  • Dr. Heather Schoen

Dr. Lisa Lewis

Phone: (303) 386-4434

Belmar Woman’s Care

Phone: (303) 531-4660

  • Dr. Laura Rokosz

Colorado Regional Oral Surgery

Phone: (303) 431-0033

  • Dr. Gregory Ingalls
  • Dr. Nicholas Politano
  • Dr. Sanjay Arora
  • Dr. Jennifer Badia
  • Dr. Daniel Bredar
  • Dr. Zah Bryan
  • Dr. Andy Buchhlz
  • Dr. Steven Cohen
  • Dr. Cliff Daniels
  • Dr. Marie Daugharty
  • Dr. Ryan Lutz
  • Dr. B.J. Miller
  • Dr. Bill Pederson
  • Dr. Michael Solmos
  • Dr. Jill Stovall
  • Dr. Thomas Syverud
  • Dr. Michael Waltz
  • Dr. James Whitaker
  • Dr. Brian Wickham
  • Dr. Murray Willis
  • Dr. Michelle Wong